• What is DBTrendz.com?

DBTrendz is one of the top online shopping hub exclusively for the women. DBTrendz offers more than 50,000 products all over the world with multiple categories ranging from apparels, lingerie, beauty products, kids wear, jewellery, footwear, accessories, health care etc.  Time to time new categories are introduced and updated.

  • How many people access DBTrendz.com?

The Website is accessed by thousands of customers all over the world.

Question Related to Sellers

  • How can I sell my products on DBTrendz.com?

You can easily sell your products on DBTrendz without paying any listing fees. Just visit this link http://www.DBTrendz.com/sellerpanel/account/signup/ and enter the Sign Up details, you will then receive an email containing your seller user Id and password. You can login with those details and list your products on DBTrendz.com. For further help, you can contact registration@DBTrendz.com.

  •  What items can I sell on DBTrendz.com?

You can check the website and see the different product categories and create your own product listings under those categories. If there is any item which you want to list but cannot find the right category for the same then please send you inquiry about the same to ……………………….

  • In which countries DBTrendz.com deliver its products?

Currently DBTrendz.com delivers in the following countries Bahrain, Jorrdan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. 

  • Do I need to pay anything to list my products on DBTrendz.com?

The product listing on DBTrendz.com is free of cost

  • How much commission does DBTrendz charges for the product sold on the website?

There is no commission charged, the product is sold on the basis of transfer pricing.

  • I am not able to find the appropriate category to list my product, what do I do?

Check all the categories of DBTrendz here http://www.DBTrendz.com/, if you are not able to find any appropriate category for the items which you want to sell then in that case you can send the enquiry about the same at registration@DBTrendz.com

  • How can I describe the products which I am selling?

Make sure that you have mentioned all the details about the product that you are selling like their USP, color, size, weight, functionality, dimensions etc.

  • How to chose the best images for the products that I am selling?

The resolution of images listed on DBTrendz.com is 900 * 1200 and for the best image display, you can submit the picture taken from all the angles. By doing this customer can get the insight of product from every angles which will make his/her purchasing decision easier.

  • How to classify my items?

If the item that you are selling on DBTrendz.com is packed and sealed in the original company packing then it will be classified as “New”, else if the item is open or is used then mark it as “Used”.

  • In which language I need to describe my product listing?

Either in English or in Arabic language

  • Is there any maximum limit of the items that I can list on the website?

No you can sell as many products as you want on DBTrendz.com

  • I have many products to list, is there any other option than uploading them manually?

Yes, you can send the bulk excel product list with details on productlisting@DBTrendz.com but after sometime you will get an vendor panel in which you can upload it by yourself.

  • Is there any tool for bulk listing on DBTrendz.com?

Yes, there is. You can do that through Vendor Panel.

  • How to manage products inventory on DBTrendz.com?

You can do that through Vendor Panel

  • I don’t have images of my products, Can I still sell through DBTrendz.com?

For selling on DBTrendz.com, images are necessary.

  • How do I know when my items are sold?

You will receive an email once your items are sold.

  • How should I package my product for shipment?

You should pack your item safely in a cardboard along with the bubble wrap so the item remain safe and secure. The way you pack your item also represents your image on customers and this can also play a big role in their decision making whether to buy or not buy further from you.

  • ·Am I allowed to put my Business contact details on the parcel so that customers can directly contact me? 

Sharing any type of business or personal contact information is against the policy of DBTrendz.com.

Question Related to Buyers

  • How do I register on DBTrendz.com?

On the upper right corner of the home page you will see an option “Account”, keep the cursor there and below you will see the option ”Log In”,  click on that and then choose the option create an account or click on this link http://www.DBTrendz.com/customer/account/create/.

  • How do I login?

On the upper right corner of the home page you will see an option “Account”, keep the cursor there and below you will see the option ”Log In”,  click on that and login or you can directly login using this link


  • What to do if I forget my login password?

On the Login page you will also see an option “Forgot Your Password?”, click on that and then enter your registered email id, after that you will receive a link on your email for re-entering your password.

  • The stated delivery time of my purchased product has passed but still I have not received the product?

On rarest cases, it so happens when we are delivering the product in the remote areas and DBTrendz.com has no control over this. If there is any kind of expected delay in your shipment then you will be informed about the same via email or phone.

  • What Payment options are available?

You can make your payment via Debit/Credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Internet Banking, COD  or Paypal