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Leggings & Pants

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Ethnic wear as we have outlined already in our other pages represents one’s traditional and customary ethos. They carry the tenets that you believe in. It goes unsaid that the clothes you wear define your persona. When it comes to ethnic wear, this is even truer. With the passage of time, things change and they do change for the betterment of things! Take for instance, the leggings and pants. These two siblings form an inseparable part of what we call as Kurtas and Tunics. With ever evolving trends in designs and patterns of the upper wear, the bottom wear such as leggings and pants also have undergone tremendous changes. This throws open the space for great many experiments to try out with your tops and tunics. Often the road less travelled leads us to great amusements! Isn’t it? So, why not try and mix the things a little and spice the ethnicity with a little flavor of style and trend? That’s where we come in to your aid. Just one round of surfing through our web portal Dbtrendz.com will show you what we mean when we said, ‘Let’s Come to Your Aid’. If you are looking to buy leggings and pants online for your top wear such as the tunics and Kurtis, then this is the place to begin with. Accompaniments for your ethnic wear must be chosen wisely else you will end up with the wrong match for your top wear. Though a huge variety of leggings and pants are available to choose from, the idea of selecting the right one for your Kurtis and tunics could very well be turned into a tough ask if you don’t do your homework properly! This is even more evident if you are shopping online. So, take a few moments and get yourself acquainted with this prospect of buying the leggings and pants online.


Yes, as we cautioned you about the possible mismatch between your Kurti, tunic and your leggings or pants, we also now invite you to explore our vast collection of leggings and pants suitable for your ethnic top wear. So, don’t get panting about pants just yet! Our welcoming team is here to assist you in every way possible. For instance, let’s us get you introduced to this pair of leggings made with cool cotton fabric. These plain colored leggings are suitable for any colored or textured top wear. This pair of Ankle Zip short leggings fits effortlessly into your tender and leaner legs! Side print stripe leggings add an element of style to your overall appearance. Leggings from SRS Creations are made with premium cotton fabric and come in plain colors of many hues. Ideal for your any occasion, these leggings fit perfectly into your matching needs. Another variety of leggings from this same brand brings you bright colored leggings suitable for your Patiala with Kurtis and tunics and enables you to be at your comfortable and stylish best always. Such many varieties of leggings and pants offer you great flexibility to wear with your top wear. If you are shopping for leggings and pants online in Dubai, then Dbtrendz.com is the right place to start your online shopping. We have teamed up with leading brands and manufacturers to bring you best in the class leggings and pants. All our products are attested by the fashion experts of our team who come with loads of experience and hence when you shop with us, you can stay assured about the quality. If you are ordering these supreme quality leggings and pants from Dubai, then we offer you one day shipping. Any orders from GCC countries, Egypt or Jordan will be delivered in flat two days of time. Since we have collaborated with reliable shippers around the world, our delivery system is also prompt and meets your urgent requirements. Our products are priced at competitive rates and we are sure they will not burn a hole in your wallet. Order your favorite legging or pant with us now and experience world-class products being served with world-class customer service.


The vast array of pants and leggings that you will find on our website will enable you to choose with great comfort. Newest models of pants and leggings from leading brands in many shades of fashion shall certainly make you look trendier and modern even in these ethnic wears. To site a few, a premium line of classic and solid full length leggings in plain colors ideal for formal and casual wear or multi-colored leggings with free size fitting etc all give you excellent options to experiment with your top wear. These leggings and many varieties of pants go well with your modern and trendy tops. Many shades of fashion give your apparel a tinge of modernity while keeping them blended enough to carry the ethnic customs seamlessly.


When you shop with us online you can stay rest assured of the quality since we bring products that are up-to-date in line with the trending styles and latest designs. From this perspective, we are your contemporary online shopping website. We are an online marketplace dedicated to the cause of making online shopping an experience to cherish. And that’s our mission statement as well. We combine latest technology with a vast collection of pristine quality products such as women’s pants and leggings in contemporary style so that your online shopping sojourn will be all the more merrier and rewarding as well. Equipped with many customer friendly features and facilities, our online shopping portal Dbtrendz.com, is fervent to receive and offer you seamless shopping options and experience. We, in that sense, tend to be your one-stop-destination for your all online shopping requirements serving the Middle East region. We strive to be your ideal e-partner in your online shopping expedition. In accordance with this ardor, Dbtrendz.com brings thousands of premium quality products under many categories such as women’s ethnic wear in general and pants and leggings in particular. Catering to the needs of men, women and children alike makes us the ideal destination for a wholesome family shopping online. Just surf through our e-portal and explore a vast world of products under great many varieties. Don’t forget to redeem your coupon code or avail the big discounts that we run regularly for your exclusive benefits. Flexible shopping options, friendly customer support and quick and on-time delivery systems are our hallmarks of professionalism. Start buying your favorite pants and leggings with us now and experience new age online shopping.