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Hijabs: Style Redifined

Hijabs are traditional scarf that muslim women chose to wear in public varying from light to dark shades, these are modest fashionable scarf that emanate your styling matching all your vogue. For muslim women it sometimes becomes boring to wear the same hijab therefore we have brought various patterns and designs to bring the most required variations in the outfit. With little effort and correct choice of colors its easy to make the same hijab look trendy. Depending on the material of scarf, size, preferences and cultural styles there are various experimentation possible with the hijabs and trust me there is no right way or wrong way to do it.

Get your look with Hijab
Hijab needs to be complemented with different accessories and even lipsticks adds an extra edge to the choice of hijab. Try complementing light pale color hijab with pink lipstick or club silk scarf detailed with gold touch with smart loafers. For a sun kissed look try using a tone lighter to your skin like neutral colors, always try to highlight the dark shade of your hijab with dark lip color for an extra edge to your look. Try pairing up your entire attire in single family color or flaunt your neon lip color with neon hijabs. Simplicity has its own language and some times its good to be stereotypic hence club white with black. Use your hijab to highlight your attire by tucking it at your torso or even use of only diffent texture can prove to be enough sparky for your look. If you are wearing very dull dress use bright hijab as its gonna make you look stunning accessorize with oversized sunglasses. Sometimes a colourful hijab will add a pop of color to your regular plain blazer, hence try combining for a stunning look. Give your black dress a fresh breath of tropical color hijab. For scorching heat use crepe material and highlight it with similar color accessory, you can even experiment with patterns and do not be afraid to try different techniques or add an animal color to your casual look.
If you have a chiffon scarf which happens to be bit thin try the turtleneck to cover up the neck as the fabric is quite sleek and allows to drape a bit on the side with loose styling it simply looks fabulous. Another style that come into picture is dina tokio side, which is extremely versatile and at the end is left with a long piece of fabric that you can either leave or tuck under. The next in line is a dangling ends style which is quite loose around the face and pins at the ears giving an extra edge to long scarf which falls slowly from both the sides. Next in the queue is connected ends style which is quite similar to the previous one with one difference that it gets connected via accessory. The next in the line is the square style which usually goes with larger scarf with simplicity and ease of providing coverage both in front and back.

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